Ronita Bell in calf pen on Bell Farm (NE) - photo by Anita Josephine Bell (c) 1948
October 26, 2-13
Be the first in the nation to read Barry Clausen's new book FBI, Murders, Conspiracy & ATF Contrived Charges - The Peltier case. Barry R. Clausen, America's investigative journalist, just released his new book on the Leonard Peltier case. FBI, Murders, Conspiracy & ATF Contrived Charges - The Peltier case, by Clausen was released today on Amazon.

August 17, 2013
Obamacare - Good Enough for You, But not Good Enough for Congress
If you want to get a very clear idea of the utter contempt in which our corrupt political class holds the voters who put them in office, look no further than the Congressional Obamacare exemption. Don’t confuse this with previous exemptions a bystander Congress has allowed the Obama administration to award supportive unions and other politically favored groups. Click here to continue ...

By Michael R. Shannon

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October 25, 2013
Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development: Facts About Fracking,

October 15, 2013
Colorado - The 51st State Initiative
I am sure many of you saw the 'editorial' by Mike Peters this weekend. Here is the link in case you missed it:

I have submitted the following response (click here):
Jeffrey Hare


October 11, 2013
Public service announcement: Do NOT take ANY FEMA $'s.

September 19, 2013
Why You Cannot Refer to the 9/13/13 "Epic Water Event" as a Flood
By Chuck Sylvester

September 19, 2013

WyLiberty Arguments Prevail in Important Free Speech Case - Steve Klein, attorney, Wyoming Liberty Group

September 11, 2013
To bee or not to bee - Reports of honeybees rapidly disappearing are greatly exaggerated

Activist groups continue to promote scary stories that honeybees are rapidly disappearing, dying off at “mysteriously high rates,” potentially affecting one-third of our food crops and causing global food shortages. Time magazine says readers need to contemplate “a world without bees,” while other “mainstream media” articles have sported similar headlines.

The Pesticide Action Network and NRDC are leading campaigns that claim insecticides, especially neonicotinoids, are at least “one of the key factors,” if not the principle or sole reason for bee die-offs.

Thankfully, the facts tell a different story – two stories, actually. First, most bee populations and most managed hives are doing fine, despite periodic mass mortalities that date back over a thousand years. Second, where significant depopulations have occurred, many suspects have been identified, but none has yet been proven guilty, although researchers are closing in on several of them. Click here to continue.
Paul Driessen



Honor Flight: Have you heard about Honor Flights? If not, please, click here! Then get involved!

Subject: Heartfelt thank you's to all our young servicemen and women who protect us. Please note, James Frost is the son of LAW USA's Contributing Educator Ric Frost.


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October 28, 2013
Jefferson Davis, Adolph Hitler and Neville Chamberlain walk into a bar...
By John O. S. Houston

… as We the People ponder the state of our nation. A stock market plunge, a debt spike, and a flood of over-printed, under-valued currency. A European financial crises and the rise of political extremism. Heat waves scorching American crops and the devaluation of agricultural land. An abundance of poverty and a paucity of jobs. 300 full-time converted to 400 part-time positions: “job growth.” The tail end of a long and unpopular overseas conflict. Russia looming large as both enemy and ally. An Asian nation rapidly industrializing with little but domination on the mind. A lunatic spewing anti-Semitic and anti-western rhetoric, while stockpiling arms intended to destroy the lives of millions. Appeasement. 2013 looks an awful lot like 1938. Click here to continue.

October 28, 2013
Do the Math – Count the cash
Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the color of money: A true religious experience
by Paul Driessen and Dennis Mitchell

Some years ago, a telegenic televangelist built quite an empire, before publicly falling from grace and adopting a less opulent life style. But back then he liked big homes and Lear jets with Rolls Royce engines and, even though Dennis’s lab primarily did environmental monitoring, his chief pilot came there because he needed demanding analyses on the methanol fuels he used for extra thrust. Click here to continue.

September 11, 2013
We paid for it. We have a right to see it. - Publicly-funded scientists who keep their work secret should be censured and cut off from future funding
Ron Arnold
Who owns taxpayer-funded science? From the way many scientists behave, it’s not the taxpayers. Click here to continue.

September 4, 2013
DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!, Salt Lake Tribune; September 3, 2013 - Utah to proceed with mountain goat plan despite USFS's objections. There have never been mountain goats in Utah's La Sal Mountains, and for that reason the U.S. Forest Service is objecting to Utah's decision to put the animals in the small island range near Moab to eventually allow trophy hunting of the goats.
By Jim Beers

Want to keep up with your state lawmakers? Click here for links

"The Power Line" e-newsletter from: Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy

Land and Water USA (LAW USA) is an all volunteer effort! We do not solicit or receive government subsidies or corporate funding. How many entities can say that?

Your volunteer editor, Roni Bell Sylvester

"In 1868 men came out and brought papers. We could not read them, and they did not tell us truly what was in them...When I reached Washington the Great Father (President of the United States) explained to me...that the interpreters had deceived me. All I want is right and justice. They (federal government) made us many promises, more than I can remember. But they kept but one--They promised to take our land...and they took it." Chief Red Cloud of the Ogalala
ca 1822-1909

Please share this with President Barack Hussein Obama and each Department of Interior (DOI) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) employee you know.

An excellent resource!

Principles of Liberty

The Legislative Analysis Project is a Principles of Liberty creation that analyzes legislation according to the Core Principles.


October 19, 2013
Viewpoint - Climate Alarmists Seek Shelter From Public Storm

October 19, 2013
Los Angeles Times endorses censorship with ban on letters from climate skeptics By Professor J. Scott Armstrong, Published October 18, 2013,

October 10, 2013
Subject: Anti-scientific "forecasts" by UN IPCC vs Scientific Forecast by GAS ... an op-ed - Climate forecast: All’s well, despite what the IPCC says - Kesten C. Green, J. Scott Armstrong and Willie Soon, Special to Financial Post

September 3, 2013
‘0.3% climate consensus, not 97.1%’ - “It is unscientific to assume that most scientists believe what they have neither said nor written.”
by David Legates

September 2, 2013
Stop denying climate science and ACT! (before people realize it’s a scam)
Collapsing science, economies and international cooperation require that we refuse to act
Paul Driessen

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Our Contributing Educators have many talents! Ric Frost - is also an actor and an audio/visual producer, click here.
Here he is on set (in Reno, NV) playing a mob boss!

July 20, 2013
LAW USA Contributing Educators Dennis and Muncelle Mitchell doing charity work.
L - R - Joan, Dennis and Muncelle Mitchell

Crestview, Florida: The 57th Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce Installation and Awards Banquet had a tongue-in-cheek Mardi Gras theme, but with very authentic food, music, and décor. The fun was shared with about 220 people including many of the area’s political and military dignitaries. The photo booth gave folks a chance to really follow the event theme of “ Let the Good Times Roll”. From champagne to crawfish etouffee to flambé bananas Foster, the atmosphere was optimistic about the economic growth and quality of life in the region.

Chuck Sylvester showing Willie how to "saddle up."

Chuck checking the stirrup length.

First go around the corral.

Yea! Willie made it!

Video of March 2, 2013
LAW USA Workshop

Videoed by MethodJay Productions

Jay Hutcheson
Click here for video - $25.00 per DVD - includes shipping.

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"... LAW means to me hope, allies in the battle, and not only information, but wisdom, insight and the courage to tell the truth! ..."- Cheri Steinmetz - Wyoming

QUESTION ... Your conclusion could win you a $100 coupon to be redeemed at a restaurant of your choice! Please click here. Knowing what constitutes your property is the most important knowledge you should have today! - Roni Bell Sylvester - Volunteer Editor


September 19, 2013
Read Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science, click here - NIPCC - Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change -Below: video "NIPCC Climate Report Covered on "Special Report with Bret Baier"

August 19, 2013

Western Energy Alliance Launches Common Ground Video Series

Western Energy Alliance is pleased to release to our friends and allies the first of our “Common Ground” videos highlighting how western oil and natural gas producers protect the land where they operate. There’s Common Ground we share in safely developing abundant, affordable energy while protecting the land and environment.

LAW USA encourages private property owners to require each person (Whether government employee or private citizen.) who sets foot on your private property sign this Property Admittance Agreement (PAA).

It includes the language...
"Grantee does not have permission to share any activity (includes hunting, fishing, dirt moving) or material (includes land, water, structure, foliage, photography, electronic image or video) they see, with any government, government agent, government contractor, representative, private entity, non-profit agent, non-government public organization or non-profit private organization."

...out of consideration of that one, who comes on your property to be the eyes and ears for those who seek to seize control of your land and water. Here's proof: "I would appreciate hearing from any (land trust/conservation easement/interested public) who has a formal policy on the reporting (to a regulatory or non-regulatory agency) of listed (State and Federal) species that they discover during a site visit to a private property." (From a circulated email.)