we* have, we contribute to Land and Water USA (LAW USA).

Why do we do this? We believe it’s our duty to maintain our great American Republic!

We believe there is a connection between American agriculture and national security. That’s why it is critical we elect individuals who commit to being fair and wise with ALL domestic resource production decisions.

The 1796 Old Farmer's Almanac stated:


"The cultivation of the earth ought ever to be esteemed as the most useful and necessary employment in life. The food, and raiment, by which all other orders of men are supported, are derived from the earth. Agriculture is of consequence, the art which supports, supplies, and maintains all the rest."


Two hundred years ago, agriculture was everything. Agriculture was of consequence!

But as time marched on, there evolved a huge knowledge disconnect between agricultural producers and those who make law.

Each day farmers and ranchers are forced to wrestle with policies including endangered species, conservation easements, water, political games and bogus global warming claims that jeopardize our food supply and national security.

More than any other occupation, farmers and ranchers are forced to deplete their personal income and time trying to protect America’s food supplies. Yes. This is true. Each day one cashes in their child’s college fund, their pension plan, insurance policy, acreage or water, for the sole reason of finding ways to keep bringing safe, nutritious food to us. If others had to spend equal time and money defending their business, they’d have to close down.

In 1729, Giles Jacob stated:

"First: No man is to deprive another of his property, or disturb him in enjoying it.
Secondly, every person is bound to take due care of his own property, so as the neglect thereof may not injure his neighbor. Thirdly, all persons must so use their right, that they do not...damage their neighbor's property."

We subscribe to the Good Neighbor Law, which is: “Use your own so as not to injure another.”

Are you also aware that our government has combined with jurisdictions that are foreign in regards to our Constitution to usurp our legislative process and mandate law without our consent?

These jurisdictions include Al Gore, Bruce Babbitt, the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Natural Resource Defense Fund, Humane Society of the United States, Earthjustice, PETA and Greenpeace, all of which, over a period of about forty years, have combined with the European Union to build an eco-movement with laws gravely corrosive to our American Republic.

*we - Contributing Educators throughout the United States of America

"We Must Take Sides" - Elie Wiesel