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Subject: USFS by Gil Gilbertson

15 November 2011

To:      David Krantz
Environmental Coordinator
Supervisor’s Office
3040 Biddle Road
Medford, Oregon 97504

From:  Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff

Re:      Travel Management Plan

Dear Mr. Krantz:

The USFS has not been forthcoming in many issues. I find this yet another unsettling affront to the Sheriff Office. As the elected Sheriff and Chief Law Enforcement Official of Josephine County I take issue with having your travel management plan dropped on my desk for review and comment within a 45 day period.

If this project started about 2002, you have had plenty of time to develop your strategy and plans, without consulting this Office or allowing this Sheriff any level of participation. If this is what you consider “Coordination”, I cannot accept this as a proper method of working together. I have been in Office for the last five years and none of this information was shared with me until the closing event; and further, demanding a response according to your time schedule.

 In the five years, I have been in Office; the USFS never once even alluded to an opportunity to “Coordinate” as required by your own rules and regulations.

I have found the USFS law enforcement abusive with a tendency leaning towards harassment and violating property owner rights in Josephine County. All of which, I am willing to discuss further, as a side issue. I am concerned about the manner in which your LE officers engage the citizens I am bound to protect.


Regarding your travel plan, I see one option is to take “no action”; but I am told that is not an option we can select. Now, my choice is – “no action”.

I have no idea what roads were closed, in this County, over the many years. I am not comfortable in approval of any option of your plan not knowing your past actions.

As the elected Sheriff, I am responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of all the citizens within this geographic jurisdiction. Having said that, I have the authority, and responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens in this geographically defined jurisdiction. As such, I must assert my lawful authority to use any road, or trail deemed essential in this regard to conduct law enforcement operations including crime prevention, crime response, fire suppression, emergency medical response, assistance to federal agents, search and rescue operations, drug cartel and illicit drug eradication, and related operations.

I am willing to work with both the USFS and BLM in the preservation of our natural resources but I will not abrogate the Sheriffs’ authority or responsibilities. I look forward to such a meeting.

 I request an opportunity to discuss all of the aforementioned issues to find a workable solution. However, until the USFS and/or BLM can identify past, present, or future closures and satisfactorily articulate a sound reason for doing so – I will not recognize any gates, trenches, or other types of barricades.

I recently encountered a locked gate to which neither of my two keys could open. In the future, I will cut or remove such barricade to gain access. In the event a life is lost, I will do everything within my power to see the victim’s family seeks appropriate civil remedy as provided by law. I see your road closure plan as a reckless and wanton disregard for human safety and life. Please prove me wrong.




Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff
Josephine County
(541) 474-5120

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