Video of March 2, 2013
LAW USA Workshop

Videoed by MethodJay Productions

Jay Hutcheson

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Video includes lively discussion and breaking news from:
Stacy Lynne (Investigative Reporter whose only child was taken by court December 21, 2011,
because of information she was uncovering.)
Ric Frost (Conservation Easement expert),
Dr. Angus McIntosh (Constitutional/Statute Property expert)
Ramona Morrison (Expert on & daughter of Wayne Hage)
Former State Senator Shawn Mitchell (Attorney -Constitutional expert)
Scott Shuman (Auctioneer).

$25.00 per DVD - includes shipping.


Presents ...

"If you don't know your rights, you cannot defend them.”
Leading Experts will show you how your State’s and
U.S. Constitution guarantee your rights.

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Island Grove Park 501 North 14th Avenue - Greeley, CO 80631

9:00 a.m. Doors open for Registration
10:00 a.m. Workshop Begins - 4:30 p.m. Workshop Concludes
Admission $25.00 each
(See pre-registration and/or sponsorship form below)

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For those of you wanting to stay in Greeley during the Workshop, we've arranged a rate
of $89.00 (plus tax) with Clarion Hotel. It's convenient to Island Grove Park and
downtown Greeley. Mention the words "Land And Water USA."

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
701 8th Street, Greeley, CO, US, 80631
Phone: (970) 353-8444


From 85 North continue into town, 85 is 8th Avenue, follow until you get to
8th Street, hotel on the right. From 85 South, take business route into downtown.
Hotel on the left at 8th street. From US 34 East follow business route into downtown. Turn
left on 8th Avenue, hotel on the right on the corner of 8th street and 8th Avenue.

After the LAW USA event, please consider walking across the hall to:
The North Central Chapter of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association who presents……….

The Nineteenth Annual Great Chili Cookoff


Leading Experts:

  • Shawn Mitchell (CO) Attorney, Constitutional expert, CO State Senator. “Every sentient candidate knows if you’re going to address delicate subjects, you darn well better have some thoughts worked out, free of explosive boners...” Shawn Mitchell
  • Ric Frost (NV) M.S. Policy Analyst/Water Rights Adjudicator. President/Producer/Editor/ Videographer “Frosted View Productions, LLC.” “…we cross paths with Ric Frost who states that he is a member of the New Mexico State University staff. His position on conservation easements is very negative…” Jay Fetcher. “Who is this guy named Ric Frost and how do we shut him down?” - Bob Luce, 2001
  • Ramona Morrison (NV) Daughter of Wayne Hage. Ramona will review the Hage case. Upon graduating from college in 1987, Ms. Morrison lobbied for a property rights organization in Washington, D.C. and worked for a California Congressman. Beginning in 1990, she worked with Nevada Mining Association, representing the states’ booming gold mining industry. Ramona has served as a consultant for a number of ranches in the West including in Wyoming and Colorado -to develop their property title evidence. As a result of the testimony she gave in the Hage Forage Right trial last spring she has attained expert witness status in title matters involving the unique features western ranches including rangeland and vested stockwater and irrigation rights. Ramona presently serves on the Nevada Board of Agriculture. “Liberty was not guaranteed in perpetuity by our founding fathers—it must be vigilantly defended anew by each generation.” Ramona Morrison
  • Dr. Angus McIntosh (CO) Consultant on Ranch Valuation, Water Rights and Range Management, an Admitted Expert Witness in Federal Courts, has given expert reports/testimony in Federal District Courts in Colorado, Nevada and Arizona, the US Federal Court of Claims and in hearings before the Interior Board or Land Appeals. “Who will control the use of the resources (Water, produce of vegetation, wood vegetation, minerals and animals both domestic and wild), and for what purposes will they be used? Congress is built on prior legislation and private rights they have already granted.” Angus McIntosh (March 2002)
  • Stacy Lynne (CO) Investigative Reporter. Had her young son taken from her. "Oh, just let her do her Constitutional gig." Magistrate John Jostad (May 2011) "I am not going to continue to hear arguments regarding your objection to the Court's authority under your reading of selected portions of the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions and the Declaration of Independence." Julie Kunce Field, District Court Judge, 8th Judicial District (November 15, 2011).

A special note of thanks to Good Neighbor Law LLC for being
a Good Neighbor and helping LAW USA with this event.
March 2, 2013 - Island Grove Park, Greeley, CO 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Land and Water USA Leading Experts will show:

What constitutes “Property” and who, government or you, owns what.
Tell you who’s above the law.
Address Property Takings; does this include Land, Water, Community Tax base, Children, Forage, Coal, Gas, Oil, Mineral and Wetlands?
Identify the takers; could they include government agencies, their non-government partners, unions and courts?.
Give you the Constitutional tools that will help you defend your rights
Film viewing: "Truthland" (on fracking. Weld County resident Chuck Sylvester is a part of this film.), and "Lord Christopher Monckton”(on AGW and wind energy).

Who should attend?

County Commissioners, County Sheriffs, Attorneys, U.S. and State General Assemblies, Doctors, State and Federal Employees, Business Owners, Law Enforcement, Property Owners, Professors, CPA’s, Peace Officers and Consumers of Food, Fuel and Fiber. Please note: Does not include lunch. Please check out the fine restaurants close by (we’ll provide a list), have a sandwich made by Safeway, or bring your own lunch.

LAW USA appreciates support from:

Warren & Fran Hammerbeck
Kay Deline
Kevin and Mary McNicholas
GNL Board
Charles W. Sylvester

LAW USA thanks the following for becoming Student Sponsors:

Clair B. Orr (Greeley)

Marna M. Dowling (Denver)

ORGANIZATIONS! Why not consider sponsoring 10-29-30-100 students?

For students with student pass, your organization can sponsor a 10 student block for only $150.00 each block. Please work with your local Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Home Schooled, any school, to make it possible for students of any age attend this exciting event. We'll be honored to include your name on the program and on the Land and Water USA.

Three ways you can secure your registration:

1) Register online through PayPal: (See form below)
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    LAW USA P.O. Box 155 LaSalle, CO 80645
3) Call (970) 284-6874 to secure your reservation, and bring check with you.

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Clair B. Orr (Greeley)

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Scott and Kristi Rankin

Becky Zanardi

Questions? Contact: Roni (970) 284-6874
Bring your pen and paper and get ready to enjoy learning your rights! - Land And Water USA

March 2, 2013 LAW USA event Pre-registration and Sponsorship information
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