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April 5, 2014

Former Chief of Colorado State Patrol, Col. Mark Trostel, Joins Roni Bell Sylvester's Campaign as Candidate for Lt. Governor, click here.

Underdogs in Colorado's GOP gubernatorial race try to take out the top dogs- The Denver Post

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Meaghan Croghan wrote: I am honored to endorse Roni Bell Sylvester for governor of Colorado.

As a college student, I recognize the impact current laws and regulations have on my future and I understand the importance a focused leader and an active citizen plays in making those decisions. Roni understands what matters to those who are looking to invest on our futures and she made it very clear to me that students should be strengthened with higher education, not weakened by the burden of debt. Because Roni has made private property rights, restoring the vitality of small business, and education a priorities, I believe she is the candidate for those who are concerned with the future of our state and our wellbeing.

Meaghan is key in that she represents the young voters. Meaghan uses her thorough, self-disciplined research abilities before making a decision. I was proud that her research led her to being my chief campaigner.

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Norman Borlaug
(March 25, 1914- September 12, 2009), known as the
gentleman who saved a billion human lives
, would have been 100 years old today.
How did he save so many lives? Click here.

“To own property is the very foundation of your
life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!”

Will Governor Hickenlooper let DOI get Colorado a little bit pregnant?




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